The last great journey on the planet.

Travelling the Trans-Siberian is unlike anything else. It is the last great journey on our planet, which has become so fast. It's a story about great empires, diverse cultures and opportunities waiting round every turn of the road. It's a meeting with real people who are positive, caring and seek freedom. Is it for you?


9288,2 km: the longest railroad in the world. 

It crosses the whole Eurasia, from Moscow to Vladivostok and stretches through Siberian taiga and Russian woods to the Golden Horn Bay in the Japanese sea.

2 continents: Trans-Continental Railway.

It crosses the territory of two continents: Europe (1777 km) and Asia (7512 km) from west to east going on 19,1% of its length via Europe and on 80,9% via Asia.

3 countries: in one trip.

Choose among the Trans-Siberian in Russia, the Trans-Mongolian (Moscow-Beijing via Ulaanbaatar) or the Trans-Manchurian (Russia and China)!

100 cities: through the endless Russia. 

Transsib goes via 14 regions, 3 areas, 2 republics, 1 autonomous region and 88 cities in Russia only!

16 rivers: and bridges that are 2 km long. 

Transsib crosses 16 big rivers: Volga, Vyatka, Kama, Tobol, Irtysh, Ob', Tom', Chulim, Enisei, Oka, Selenga, Zeya, Bureya, Amur (the widest one), Khor and Ussury.

1673 m deep: the one lake on the way. 

Baikal is the deepest lake of the world and also the largest reservoir of sweet water in the world. It is a true miracle of nature boasting unforgettable landscapes.

+46 to -62 Celcius: Pole of cold and subtropical heat. 

Near Mogocha under your feet the land is frozen to ice - mammoths are found fresh here! In China you reach regions with subtropical climate, and even in Vladivostok the waters of Amur Bay milden the harsh Russian winters.

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