Serviced Apartments

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For those who treasure privacy and would like to experience life from the point of view of the locals we have a great portfolio of upscale serviced apartments in Trans-Siberian cities.

All the apartments are located in the center of the cities, close to the main highlights, museums, theatres, touristic avenues, shops and embassies. They are very safe, very comfortable and are reasonably priced, especially if you travel with children or in a larger group.

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Our serviced apartments are just as safe to stay in as any four-star hotel in central Moscow. Our apartments are located in the city centre in the safest and quietest areas having the best developed infrastructure, security systems and arrangements.

The most well-to-do Muscovites live in these areas as are located the offices of large international companies and state organisations. The apartments are equipped with steel doors having high security locks and intercoms at all entrances. Most of the buildings where our apartments are located are equipped with police video surveillance systems and many also have concierges.

All of our staff are strictly vetted and we guarantee their discretion and professionalism.