Free Kindle with the right books

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We were thinking of something special to give you.

Something you may enjoy during the long hours on the train, while the Russian landscape is passing by. Something you may find useful in a country with a not-so-easy language to study and speak.

Something you may find handy during your spare time in the local cities, when exploring the highlights on your own or looking for a place to have dinner.

We believe we have found the right thing.

Trans Siberian Tourist Office grants you with a Free Kindle that will be delivered to you with preloaded books on drive in the cloud:

  • Trans-Siberian Railway Travel Guide by Lonely Planet
  • Mongolia Travel Guide by Lonely Planet
  • China Travel Guide by Lonely Planet
  • Frommer's Moscow and St Petersburg Guides
  • A short history of Russia 
  • Russian and Chinese phrasebooks
  • Over 40 Classical Russian Novels including Dostoevsky, Tolstoy, Gogol, Pushkin, Chekhov, Bulgakov, Gorky and others
  • Over 150 e-books of the World Classics
Reads Like Real Paper, No Glare Even in Bright Sunlight

Kindle uses an electronic ink screen that looks and reads like real paper. The matte screen reflects light like ordinary paper and uses no backlighting, so you can read as easily in bright sunlight as in your living room. Unlike tablet screens, Kindle has no glare.

Lighter Than a Paperback

Less than 6 ounces, Kindle is lighter than most paperback books, and weighs half as much as many tablets, making it easy and comfortable to hold in one hand for extended periods of time.

One-Month Battery Life

Kindle also has the advantage of significantly lower power consumption than tablets. Kindle does not require power to maintain a page of text, allowing you to read for up to a month on a single charge, with wireless off and a half hour of reading per day, versus hours on a tablet or smart phone.

Sharp, Clear Text

Kindle uses actual ink particles and proprietary, hand-built fonts to create crisp, print-like text similar to what you see in a physical book. The screen's 100% aperture ratio means no gaps between pixels. The blacks and whites on the screen are uniform, improving image quality.

Easy on the Eyes

Every time your eyes switch from a bright screen to a dimmer, ambient room, your eyes have to adjust, which may result in fatigue. With Kindle the page is the same brightness as everything else in the room so there's no adjustment needed.

Read in Any Position

When you read for long periods of time, you often switch positions to get more comfortable. Kindle has a uniform contrast ratio that does not change with your viewing angle, so you can read in any position.

  • Display: E Ink Pearl
  • Screen: 6“
  • Network: Wi-Fi 
  • Storage: 2 GB + Free Cloud 
  • Books: Up to 1,000 
  • Library: Comes with Trans-Siberian library 
  • Size: 6.5" x 4.5" x 0.34" 
  • Weight: 5.98 oz 
  • Battery life: 4 weeks Wi-Fi off 
  • Web: Experimental browser 
  • Interface: 5-way controller 
  • Dictionary: Built-in English Thesaurus 
  • Language: Global language support 
  • Text options: Adjustable font and size
  • The offer is valid for Featured Journeys, Package Tours and Customized Itineraries
  • One free Kindle is granted per group from 2 persons.
  • If you are traveling alone or require extra Kindles, you may get ones at $99 per device.
  • You may keep the device itself, and enjoy the ever growing library on our Kindle account. 
  • The model and color may be changed, though you can always expect a similar service.