Ice Wonderland

There's more snow and ice than you can dream of on our festive tour, which is perfect for partaking in winter activities.

China and Russia are a unique winter holiday destination and its winter highlights bring you the very best of the season with the  Ice Lantern Festival in Harbin, Baikal Ice exploring, Snowmobile and Museum of Baikal Seal in Irkutsk and many more. This is a winter-time holiday treat you will savour forever. What can possibly match it? 

Probably visiting the heart of the Russian capital - the Moscow Kremlin, and the Tretyakov Gallery! As the culminating feature of this tour shall you delight the magnificent Snow show? Those who wish to continue the holiday may extend the tour to St Petersburg, the Northern Palmira of Russia.

Day 1

Welcome to China!

At the airport you will be picked up by our driver and transferred to your hotel. The balance of the day is free to unpack your belongings and explore the city. Enjoy the capital of China and the most populous city in the world.
Day 2

Brilliant Beijing

As the Capital city, Beijing boasts a long history and many cultural heritages and places of interest. To guide you to catch all the highlight sites we suggest you to follow our routes and make full use of your precious time to see as much as possible of the city. 
Days 3-4

On the Transsib train

Morning check-out of your room and transfer to the rail station. Our driver will assist you with train boarding. Almost two days on the train – we are traveling to Harbin! Don't forget to pick up some snack food for the train. Evening departure in Harbin, transfer to the 4 * hotel and check-into your room. Did you know that this Chinese city was founded in 1898 by the Russians as a rail station of Trans Manchurian Railway? Balance of the evening is free.
Day 5

Harbin Ice and Snow Festival

After breakfast you will be met by your guide at the hotel reception and taken to the largest exhibition The Ice and Snow World. Look at the enchanted city made up of translucent sculptures carved out of ice. Gigantic blocks of ice from the Songhua River are chipped, chiselled and carved into palaces and pagodas, dragons and dinosaurs, ships and spacecrafts, familiar landmarks and famous figures. Harbin's ingenious residents hollowed out blocks of ice to use as lanterns, inadvertently starting a tradition that grew into an art form. In the past 25 years, the Harbin Ice Lantern Festival has become an annual cultural event with many international teams participating. Their ice creations dazzle and impress in their sheer scale and intricacy in bright daylight but present an even more breathtaking sight at night. Neon lights strung in and around the sculptures turn Zhaolin Park into a surreal crystalline fairyland. Lunch included.  In the morning, you will visit beautiful River Songhua where you can see local    people taking part in winter swims, learn from locals about how to enjoy Songhua River Ice Entertainment, such as skating on ice slope, playing ice sled and so on. Then, walk around the century-old  Central Street, and visit St.Sofia Orthodox Church which is the largest Orthodox Church in the Far East. Here, you will see why Harbin is called ‘Little Moscow’.  After Lunch, turn to the Sun Island Park to see the amazing snow and ice sculptures. Then, turn to visit the park of Manchurian Tiger. In the evening, visit Grand World of Snow.


Days 6-7

Russian Border

Afternoon check-out of the room and we are proceeding to Russia! On the Transsib train Vostok (the East) – we are traveling to Irkutsk! Don't miss a chance to see astonishing Siberian scenery from the train  window. Enjoy the view of Siberian taiga, rivers and lakes - this intense nature is now very close – you honestly will really begin to feel it. Drop in the dining car – the heart of social life on board! It is a great place to meet fellow travelers, share your experience of your journey and try Russian food as well (smoked salmon, caviar and some vodka).
Day 8

Siberian winter time

Arrival to Irkutsk, then transfer to the Listvyanka village (the distance between Irkutsk and Listvyanka village is appr. 70km). Accommodation in a wooden chalet on the shore of the fairytale-looking Lake. 
Day 9

The Baikal Ice

We invite you to spend an entire day taking part in the Festival of ice sculptures "The Crystal Seal". The festival will take place in the village Listvyanka, the second bay in front of the hotel “Mayak” on the territory of the Ice Village “The Crystal Fairy-tale”. Except the exhibition of ice sculptures there will be an ice restaurant, an ice-hole and ice attractions. Our inhabitants and guests have an opportunity to see unique ice sculptures made of the purest water!
Days 10-11

On the train to Moscow

On the train – one of the high-class expresses. The one who undertakes the trip along the way will necessarily observe all the beauty and charm of Russian nature and culture. You will be passing Krasnoyarsk, Novosibirsk, Omsk, Yekaterinburg along the way. The trains along Trans Siberian stop only for 5 to 20 minutes. If you decide to go outside, don't miss the hiss as the train might start leaving. We suggest you enjoy your comfortable compartment and amuse yourself with one of the Russian novels from your free Trans-Siberian Kindle.
Day 12

Welcome to Moscow

Evening arrival in Moscow – the capital and the largest city in Russia as well as the largest metropolitan area in Europe with a population well over 10 million. Our driver will meet you at the platform and will be holding a meeting-board with your name on. You'll be transferred to the 5 stars hotel near the Kremlin and the Red Square. On the way to the hotel, you will have the opportunity to get your first glimpse of the city.
Day 13

Moscow spirit

After breakfast at your hotel we will visit the must-see Moscow Kremlin – a fortress in the center of Moscow, once the residence of Tsars and the communist leaders, and now the office of the Russian President. It’s the most beautiful castle in the country and a living textbook of Russian history. See almost all the main sights of the city: ancient cathedrals, the famous Tsar-bell and Tsar-cannon, magnificent palaces of the Russian Emperor and communist strongholds. Feel the power of the Kremlin spirit where historical decisions were made that changed the history of the 20th century. In the afternoon our professional guide will take to the Tretyakov gallery, a unique collection of Russian art which includes masterpieces created for more than a thousand years. The Gallery was founded by a Russian merchant and maecenas Pavel Tretyakov. He donated his collection to the city of Moscow in 1892. The State Tretyakov gallery has since become a world-famous museum. Nowadays it contains more than 170 000 works by Russian artists from the early religious paintings to the modern art objects.


Day 14

Farewell to Russian winter

The day after the Moscow advantages is free. Enjoy the city on your own, buy souvenirs for your friends and family, pack your belongings and say farewell to the land of long winters. Do you feel like leaving?
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