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A real Brilliant among our Trans-Siberian Tours. Only exclusive, only  adventurous, only  memorable experience – the entire route!

Two biggest highlights of two capitals – Northern capital of Russia, St Petersburg, and Mongolian capital – won't let you be bored! Has any tour before included such spectacular and colorful events – the Naadam Festival and White Nights with Scarlet Sails? Definitely – not yet!

Day 1

Arrival to St Pete. Transfer to the hotel from the airport. Belye nochi, the Russians call them – White Nights. These are the incredible, luminous northern midsummer eves when the high latitudes are bathed in a pearlescent all-night glow. The few brief weeks of the white nights and sun-filled summer days in Russia’s northern city of St.Petersburg are an intoxicating time. 
Day 2

Incredible White nights in St.Petersburg

What could be more romantic than walking along rivers and canals when night is as bright as early evening? From the end of Mai till the beginning of July the sun doesn’t really go down so that the twilight lasts longer. The day has an average of 19 hours and the longest White Night falls on June 21/22. The phenomenon of White Nights occurs not only in St Petersburg but also in other regions around 60 degrees North latitude. In Russian towns Murmansk or Petrozavodsk it doesn’t get completely dark for eight weeks. One can also enjoy this spectacle in Canada, Alaska, Greenland, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Iceland and Germany. But St Petersburg is especially popular for its White Nights, and for good reason. The magnificent city of Russian czars offers a unique setting for this fascinating play of colors. It would be such a shame to sleep. People party, dance, sing, laugh and drink. Many come together at the bank of the Neva River popping champagne corks. 3- hour guided tour "White Nights in St Petersburg".
Day 3

Scarlet Sails show

"After breakfast at the hotel why not go to see one of the most visited sight in St Petersburg? It may be St Isaak's Cathedral, or Alexander Nevsky Lavra, or Menshikov Palace, or the Hermitage. It is up to you to choose! These days the ceremony of Scarlet Sails is taking place - the most massive and famous public event during the White Nights Festival. The tradition is highly popular for its spectacular fireworks, numerous music concerts, and a massive water show including battles between dozens of boats full of pirates on the waters of the Neva River. The Scarlet Sails show is celebrating the end of school year and beeing attended by more than one million people. 


Day 4

Free time in St.Petersburg

Breakfast, check out of your room. But you can leave your luggage at the hotel at a small fee and say Good-bye to the Northern Venice! Your Trans-Siberian train is in the evening.
Day 5

Aboard the Transsib train

On the train. Perhaps one of the most romantic and awe-inspiring journeys is a trip on the Trans-Siberian Railway.This one journey lasting about three days can take you through Moscow, Central Region and the Urals.
Day 6

Europe and Asia Border

Early morning arrival to Yekaterinburg. Transfer from the station to your hotel and check-in. After lunch you are welcome to see Memorial to Stalin Repressions Victims first. Then you'll go to the border between Europe and Asia (17 kmfar from the city), you'll see Europe and Asia Monument, go through Novoalekseevka village along Transsiberian way and see old Europe and Asia monument and time capsule. Transfer back to the hotel.


Days 7-8

On the Train

Day is free to explore the city. In the evening transfer to the station and boarding the train. We suggest you enjoy your comfortable compartment and amuse yourself with one of the Russian novels from your free Trans-Siberian Kindle.
Day 9

Traveling around Krasnoyarsk

Morning arrival to the next transsiberian city – Krasnoyarsk. One of the older towns in Siberia, Krasnoyarsk was founded in 1628 as a trading post along the Yenisey River. It grew rapidly when gold was discovered in the region, and eventually became a major river port and industrial center. Outside the ciy is the Stolby Reserve, an attractive preserve notable for the odd, columnar cliffs that rise from the river's edge inside its area. After one passes over the Yenesei, another of the Trans-Siberian's most significant border crossings takes place--one leaves the steppe and plunges into the taiga, the great forest that extends over most of Russia. The vast Siberian taiga is the largest remaining forest in the world.

Day 10

Mighty Yenisey River

Breakfast at the hotel and 2- hour guided excursion by Raketa (motor ship) along the Enisey River. In the evening let us enjoy the marvellous organ music. In 2012 the Krasnoyarsk Organ hall celebrated its 30 th anniversary. The organ appeared in ancient Russia in X century due to close cultural and political relations with Byzantium. It can also be seen on the frescoes of Sofiysky cathedral in Kiev, on Moscow and Novgorod miniatures of XVI century.During the past 25 years world famous musicians made their performances here: Garry Grodberg, Ludger Lomann, Galina Kozlova, Evgenia Lisitsina, Vladimir Homyakov and many others. The Krasnoyarsk Organ hall is one of the cultural centers of the whole Siberian region.Since 1991 Krasnoyarsk Catholics make their services in the Organ hall.
Day 11

Train to Irkutsk

After breakfast till departure for Irkutsk you will have plenty of time to see one of the most significant monument dedicated to Transib. This is symbol-monument for all builders of the heroic iron way in Krasnoyarsk. It is the first locomotive of the Siberian heavy engineering factory, which was created on the basis of the factory «Krasniy Profintern» from Oryol Oblast , which was evacuated during the years of the Great Patriotic War.
Day 12

Baikal Lake Rendez-vous

Noon arrival to Irkutsk. From the railway station you will be transferred right to the shore of amazing lake Baikal, where you will stay for 3 nights in wooden chalet. The facilities available at this hotel include; cafe-bar, Russian “banya” (sauna), safe at the reception. The nearest ATM-machine in the Baikal Hotel (Listvyanka remains a village, and doesn't have the range of banking services you could expect in a city). The official check-in time is 12 noon, the hotel reception will advise you they will need your passport for visa registration formalities. However if your room is available this will - of course - be allocated to you on arrival. (If your room is not available you will be able to leave your luggage with the hotel reception). 
Day 13

Siberian taiga trekking

Would you mind trekking through Siberian Taiga today? If so – let us go  through the Taiga Forest with a local guide who will explain the wildlife, eco- system and lore of the Taiga.
Day 14

Free time on the lake shore

No specific itinerary is planned today. This is a free day at your leisure. Why not take a walk down to the harbour and enjoy the freshly caught omlu, the indigenous fish of Lake Baikal. Maybe try a local bar or take a dip in Lake Baikal! (Weather permitting!)


Day 15

Meeting Buryatia

Early morning departure for Irkutsk station, then boarding the Trans-Siberian train. The same day afternoon you're arriving at Ulan-Ude station. Take a glance at the capital of Buryatia from the car while transferred to your hotel. Check-into the room.
Day 16

Welcome to the heart of Buddhism

After breakfast let's get acquainted with Buryat culture and religion. Temple and Buddhist monastery are considered to be the center of Buddhism in Russia. They are located in 35 km from Ulan Ude in a picturesque valley of the river Ivolga. Nowadays the monastery fulfills the role of the institute Dashi Tchoikhorling (it is translated from Tibetan as “the land of happy learning”), where future monks, lamas study oriental and Tibetan culture, medicine, old Mongolian and Tibetan languages and philosophy of Buddhism – the basis of the religion. We'll make a sacred circle goroo around the territory of the monastery, enter temples, we'll see Buddhist books, altar with lots of golden statues of Buddha, Buddhist stupas, sacred Bodhi tree. Transfer to the hotel.
Days 17-18

Aboard the Mongolian train

Morning departure for Ulaanbaatar. Train 362 has only 2nd class compartments but we can buyout the whole kupe for you not to share it with strangers. And -  Mongolia at last! Transfer to the hotel and check-into your room. Do you wish to wander the land that gave the world Genghis Kahn?
Day 19

Welcome to the capital of Mongolia

Balance the day on your own. We can make some suggestions:

Gandan Monastery

Choijin Lama Temple

Bogd Khan Winter Palace

Day 20

Inner Mongolia

Approximately 35km (20 miles) east of Ulaanbaatar in the heartland of the Baga Khentii Mountains and south of the mighty Tuul River, is home to a beautiful location rich in natural beauty. In this charming wilderness a small tented camp has been established away from the tourist routes. Here you will have the opportunity to observe and explore a genuine nomadic environment with your trained guide. Overnight in a ger with a local family for an extraordinary cultural experience you won’t soon forget.
Day 21

Mongolia meditation

Let's pay attention to nothing but rosy anticipations of the most spectacular festival in Mongolia!
Day 22

Unforgettable Naadam Festival

The annual Naadam Festival is the highlight of the Mongolian summer. A trifecta of traditional Mongolian wrestling, archery, and long-distance horse racing, the Naadam Festival showcases some of the country’s most impressive traditions. Cheer wrestlers and archers, listen to famous throat singing, and experience the rich pageantry and intense competitions of the legendary Naadam Festival.
Day 23

Back home

Balance of the morning on your own. Check-out of your room. Transfer to the airport. End of the program.
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