Real Russia

Feel the atmosphere of the most popular Orthodox holiday in Russia!

This tour is a lifetime opportunity to explore and learn more about Holy Sites of Christianity in Russia and visit the famous churches and monasteries during festive occasion of the Easter!

If you would like to see true, patriarchal Russia, to experience the grandeur of nature and the magnificence of ancient towns our tour is well worth taking. It is one of the most popular routes among Russian and foreign lovers of old Russian history, culture and architecture. 

Day 1

Welcome to Russia!

Arrival to St Petersburg. Transfer from the station to the central hotel, check-into the room. Take a look at the Northern Capital of Russia from the car window. St.Petersburg, with over 150 Russian Orthodox churches, was very religious, as was all of Russia, before the 1917 October Revolution.  Many of these churches were closed down and desecrated during Soviet times. Only a few including St. Nicholas Church, The Cathedral of St. Prince Vladimir, the Cathedral of the Holy Trinity of St. Alexander Nevsky Lavra, and the  Transfiguration Cathedral of All the Guards * have continued to function as Russian Orthodox churches throughout the 20th century. 
Day 2

Majestic Saint Petersburg

After breakfast at the hotel you will be met by your professional guide and you visit the Alexander Nevsky Lavra - ensemble which is located at the end of Nevsky Prospekt, between Alexander Nevsky Square and the Obvodny Canal, at the confluence of the Monastyrka and Neva rivers; it is considered to be one of the largest architectural ensembles in St. Petersburg. It was founded by Peter I in 1710 as the Monastery of the Holy Trinity and Saint Grand Duke Alexander Nevsky in honor of the victory over the Swedes won in 1240. After lunch you will se other Orthodox sights of St Petersburg, including St/Isaak's Cathedral, which is  a unique monument, a wonderful creation of a man. The church itself is an architectural marvel. The cathedral, which can accommodate 14,000 worshipers, now serves as a museum and services are held only on significant ecclesiastical holidays.
Day 3

Ancient Novgorod the Great

Early morning coach departure to Novgorod the Great (~ 550 km). Arrival to Novgorod at about 17.00. Transfer to BERESTA PALACE hotel 4* for check in.  Novgorod the Great is one of the most ancient cities of Russia located in its North-West, near the site where the Volkhov river takes its waters from Lake Ilmen, emerged as a political center of Slavic and Fino-Ugric tribes in the mid-9th century, while as a town it was formed in the middle of the 10th century. Dinner at hotel and overnight.


Day 4

Russia's oldest Kremlin

Breakfast at hotel. Excursion to Novgorod Kremlin. St.Sophia cathedral visit. Yuriev monastery visit. You can’t fail to be impressed by the staggering scale of the city’s Kremlin (Russia’s oldest), built and expanded by his successors. Just like its younger cousin in Moscow (a mere stripling dating from the late 15th century), the Novgorod Detinets (aka Kremlin) comprises vast, impregnable walls that housed the city’s medieval administration and cathedral. Built on the Volkhov River to ensure a fresh water supply, keeping the foundations from waterlogging meant allowing a small space of land between the walls and the water’s edge — a space now taken up by the City Beach. Visitors can sightsee then sunbathe within 50 yards of the Kremlin walls.  Lunch at local restaurant and coach departure for Moscow (may be replaced to train departure).
Day 5

Welcome to Moscow

Arrival to Moscow. Check-into the hotel room. Have a rest after long journey! Or let us take a walk along the Stary Arbat Street.
Day 6

Holy Easter!

With holy Easter! The Christ is risen! “Christos voskrese” (Христос Воскресе!) Celebrate the beauty of springtime this Easter! Many Easter services take place at churches, such as the city's beautiful Church of the Ascension. You will become a witness of such a wonderful event as chime. After breakfast your guide will take you to the tour called “The Golden Domes” . We are offering you a fascinating tour around holy places, which will give you not only spiritual enrichment but also lots of visual pleasure.


Days 7

Golden Ring

The so called "Golden Ring of Russia" is a symbolical ring connecting historical towns and cities to the North-West of Moscow. They represent 1,000 years of rich Russian history written in stone and wood, from a 850-year old church in Rostov to a 19th-century log house in the Suzdal's open air museum. Each of the "golden" Russian towns once played an important role in the history of Russia and was conected in one way or another with famous historical figures such as Alexander Nevsky, Ivan the Terrible, Peter the Great and many others. Departure for Sergiev Posad (70 km from Moscow). Excursions to Trinity-St.Sergiev Lavra. Lunch at restaurant “Makovets”. Departure to Rostov the Great (140 km). Sightseeing tour including excursion to the Kremlin. Departure to Yaroslavl (60 km). Transfer to hotel «Yubileynaya», dinner at hotel.
Day 8

Welcome to Vladimir

Breakfast at hotel. Sightseeing tour. Visiting the church of the Prophet St. Elijah, the Cathedral of the Transfiguration of Our Saviour. Lunch, departure to Vladimir (245 km). Transfer to hotel “Golden Ring”. Dinner at hotel.

Day 9

Welcome to Suzdal

Breakfast at hotel. Excursion to Suzdal, visiting the the Kremlin, the Church of Resurrection, the Spaso-Yefimiev Monastery, the Spaso-Transfiguration Monastery, the Museum of Wooden Architecture. Lunch at Suzdal. Departure to Vladimir. Sightseeing tour including the Cathedral of St.Demetrius, the Assumption Cathedral, the Golden Gates. Departure to Moscow (180 km).
Day 10

On the Transsib train

Till 12 you will have to check-out of your room and at the pre-arranged time meet with your driver who will assist you with train boarding. We are leaving for Yekaterinburg.
Day 11

Welcome to Yekaterinburg

Evening arrival in Yekaterinburg. Transfer to the hotel and check-in.


Day 12

Yekaterinburg religious quest

After breakfast you are going to see the religious sights of Yekaterinburg - highest place – Ascension Hill with its churches. You are welcome to enjoy a legendary Cathedral on the Blood – ex-Ipatyev’s house where the last Tsar family was imprisoned and brutally murdered, the Saint Ekaterina Cathedral – whatever else you are welcome to see!

Days 13-14

On the Transsib train

Afternoon check-out of the room and we are proceeding further! On the Transsib train Baikal – we are traveling to Irkutsk! Don't miss a chance to see astonishing Siberian scenery from the train  window. Enjoy the view of Siberian taiga, rivers and lakes - this intense nature is now very close – you honestly will really begin to feel it. Drop in the dining car – the heart of social life on board! It is a great place to meet fellow travelers, share your experience of your journey and try Russian food as well (smoked salmon, caviar and some vodka).


Day 15

Welcome to Irkutsk

Irkutsk arrival. Your driver will take you to the hotel. Have a rest – tomorrow we will be exploring the Pearl of Siberia!

Day 16

Pearl of Siberia

You will visit the place of foundation of Irkutsk in the 17th century, the eternal flame to the Heroes, Znamensky monastery and the Polish cathedral. The central street of Irkutsk leads to the embankment of the Angara - river, the favorite place of the inhabitants of Irkutsk. Excursion to the ethnographical museum Taltsi. The other name is a museum of the wooden Siberian architecture, where log houses, whole peasants’ household yards were brought to the museum from the Siberian villages, which were under threat to be flooded after the construction of the hydro - power plants on Siberian rivers. Lunch at homestead “Sibirskaya Zaimka”. You will be offered the simple Siberian hunter’s meals, which originally was cooked at Zaimkas. Zaimka is a name of a remote log house in a Siberian taiga, where Siberians lived going for hunting. Excursion through Listvyanka village to see the wooden village church of the saint Nicholas, local souvenirs, the place where Angara - river flows out of Baikal. Climb up with funicular road to the mountain top to enjoy the panoramic overview of Baikal and Angara. Have a rest in the evening after such an informative day!

Day 17

Back home

Check-out of your room, transfer to the airport. Say good-bye to Russia and its Golden Domes!
Optional Extensions to Russia, Mongolia and China

Or may be not yet? There are vast lands ahead awaiting for you to explore:

  • Khabarovsk and Vladivostok, the Ruler of the East along Transsib.
  • There's always the chance to get thrice as many countries within your trip without seriously affecting the price, if you choose to continue your trip along the Trans-Mongolian or Trans-Manchurian. Ulaanbaatar has the secrets of its own – and Beijing, the Forbidden City, the Temple of Heaven, and the Great Wall are stunning in any season.
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