The Red Empire

This is a riveting trip! It includes en-route stops you absolutely shouldn't miss!  You are going to be involved into the atmosphere of curious historic events of Russia of 19-20th 

With a rich and at times tumultuous history stretching back centuries, the land of the tsars is a fascinating land to explore. Follow us - you'll get to admire the splendid art collections of the Hermitage, see St Catherine’s Palace and visit the Church on Spilled Blood in St.Petersburg. And in Moscow, stroll through the Red Square, pose in front of St Basil’s Cathedral, go shopping and even visit an underground Soviet-era nuclear bunker! In Yekaterinburg - learn the tragic story of the last tsar's family. In Vladivostok get to know why it has the honorary title 'City of Military Glory'.

We will show you an authentic and unique side to this fascinating country. We look forward to welcoming you on one of our best tours soon.

Day 1

Welcome to Russia!

Welcome to Russia! At the airport you will be picked up by our driver and transferred to your hotel. The balance of the day is free to unpack your belongings and explore the city.
Day 2

The rich history of St. Petersburg

Let's take the tour which covers the history of Russia from the time of Peter the Great to Putin and Gorbachev, taking you to the places where the empire was created and crushed in the Revolution – only to be reborn as a new Communist superpower. In these intense 2 days you will see all of the city’s main sights, visit unique museums which shed light on the country’s tragedies and triumphs in the 20th century, and get a deeper understanding of Russia’s military and political history.
Day 3

From St Petersburg to Moscow

The speed train Sapsan takes you away from the cultural capital to the official capital of Russia. There is always something going on in Moscow and there is so much to see. Please note that your Trans Siberian train tickets will be delivered to the hotel during your two night stay.
Day 4

A glimpse into history

You will have a guided tour around Red Square.The chief architectural detail of the square is the Cathedral of the Intercession on the Moat, which the people renamed the Cathedral of St.Basil the Blessed. In front of the cathedral was a marketplace, also the scene of religious ceremonies, appearances by the tsar and the announcement of court verdicts from the Lobnoye Myesto. This square is the real witness of a dramatic Russian history. The Victory Parade to celebrate the defeat of Hitler Germany was held on here on June 24,1945. Mausoleum serves as the current resting place of Vladimir Lenin. His embalmed body has been on public display there since the year he died in 1924. The mausoleum is still heavily guarded, although the Changing of the Guard has been moved to the Eternal Flame by the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. In the evening – you will board the Trans Siberian Train, we will proceed to Yekaterinburg.
Day 5

On the train

In the evening you arrive in Yekaterinburg, the heart of Ural region. Late check-into your hotel and rest.
Day 6

Mysteries of the last tsar's dynasty

After breakfast you will be met by your guide at the reception to get you to the gripping excursion connected with events of tsarist Russia. You'll see Ascension Hill and visit the ex-site of Ipatiev's House (a place of Romanovs' imprisonment and brutal murder) and Cathedral on the Blood. After that you'll have a trip to the Monastery of Holy Majestic Martyrs at Ganya's Pit – a place where Romanov's bodies were supposedly burnt.
Days 7-8

Life aboard the Transsiberian

In the early morning your driver will take you to the train. Our next destination is Irkutsk. Despite the fact that train has a restaurant-car you will better take some snacks with you – it's a long way! Don't miss a chance to see astonishing Siberian scenery from the train window. Enjoy the view of Siberian taiga, rivers and lakes - this intense nature is now very close – you honestly will really begin to feel it. Drop in the dining car – the heart of social life on board! It is a great place to meet fellow travelers, share your experience of your journey and try Russian food as well (smoked salmon, caviar and some vodka).
Day 9

Siberia, at last!

At midday we are finally in Irkutsk! Check-into your 3 stars hotel. You can spend an entire afternoon walking the streets of Irkutsk and not come across two homes that are alike. This city is comprised almost entirely of old, traditional Siberian houses, and each one is completely unique. They often have bright, carved shutters that contrast sharply with the dark wooden exterior.
Day 10

The Decembrists of Siberia

The tour you are involved in today includes a visit to the Cathedral of the Holy Sign (Znamensky Cathedral). Apart from ornate and rich iconostasis, the cathedral is famous for its graveyard where you will see the graves of the Decembrists Mukhanov, Beschasnov, Trubetskaya and the Russian Columbus Shelekhov. We will then proceed to the Museum of the Decembrists. The museum is housed in a mansion belonging to one of the leaders of Decembrist Revolt. The Decembrists were Russian aristocracy who were banished to Siberia after their ill-fated attempt in December 1825 to overthrow the Russian Tsar in favor of a Constitutional regime. The museum evokes the period of 18th century Russia. Also you will see estate-museums of famous Russian Decembrists and the monument to the honour of their faithful wifes who followed them to Siberia.
Days 11-12

Welcome aboard Transsib train

In the morning check-out from your hotel and we are again on the Transsiberian Train. The trains along Trans Siberian stop only for 5 to 20 minutes. If you decide to go outside, be careful: you may hear the hiss and the train might start leaving.
Day 13

Glance at the Ruler of the East

Morning arrival in Vladivostok. Our driver will meet you at the platform and will be holding a meeting-board with your name on. You'll be transferred to the 3 stars hotel. On the way to the hotel, you will have the opportunity to get your first glimpse of this truly unique city. Have a rest after such a long rail journey!
Day 14

The military enclave

After breakfast at your hotel let's go to see the military highlights of “Ruler of the East” as the name Vladivostok loosely translates from Russian. This tour will take you back to the years when the Fortress of Vladivostok was guarding the city with all its guns. You will visit two of the old batteries (built at the turn of the 19-20th) and the WWII S-56, which now serve as museums. The modern Pacific Navy warships stationed in the heart of Vladivostok will add to the military portrait of the present-day city.
Day 15

Say Good-bye to the point where Russia ends

Your morning is free until your flight when a driver is scheduled to take you to the airport. Say “Goodbye” to Vladivostok which happens to be one of the most picturesque places in Russia: its position on a range of hills means the city functions as an enormous viewing platform: its hilly streets offer wonderful views of the city, and there is hardly a place in Vladivostok from which you cannot spot the sea in a distance. End of tour.



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