The Ultimate Transsib

Best way to take advantage of all Russia travel is to follow us on the Ultimate Transsib!

You are lucky to see the most popular Transsib attractions and to experience something unforgettable..  

The Wild Russia with tiger-watching, the amazing Russia with delicious spots, the Secret Russia with enigmatic places...

Day 1

Welcome to Russia!

Arrival to Moscow, transfer from the airport. Free time. Please note that your Trans-Siberian train tickets will be delivered to your hotel during your two night stay. 
Day 2

Museum of Cosmonautics

After breakfast at your hotel your English-speaking guide will meet your at the reception. You are going to visit one of the most interesting museum in Moscow – Museum of Cosmonautics. The museum contains a wide variety of space-related exhibits and models which explore the history of flight, astronomy, space exploration, space technology, and space in the arts. According to the Russian tourist board, the museum's collection holds approximately 85,000 different items, and receives approximately 300,000 visitors yearly. On Cosmonautics Day 2009, the museum was reopened after three years of reconstruction. It has virtually tripled its original size and has added new sections dedicated to space programs worldwide, including the USA, Europe and China. The museum now features original interactive exhibits, as well as a refurbished promenade, the sculpture-lined Cosmonauts Alley which connects the museum to the Moscow Metro. The museum is a favorite of students worldwide and a primary tourist attraction of the city.

Day 3

Transsib railroad starts

In the afternoon you will need to check-out of your room but hotels offer a Left Luggage service for a small fee. Evening departure for Kazan.


Day 4

Welcome to Kazan

Morning arrival at Kazan railway station, transfer to the hotel and accommodation. Free time to explore the city.
Day 5


After breakfast we are visiting the fairy town-island Sviyazhsk. It has been suggested that AS Pushkin traveling to the Volga region, notably Sviyazhsk wrote the famous verse: Wind funny noise, Vessel fun runs Go around the island Buyana, In the kingdom of glory Saltan -- And countries like It was visible from afar ... After transport bring you to the island town you will go walking around the island visiting old churches admiring excellent views to the rivers of Volga, Sviyaga, alpine skiing complex of Kazan and many other beautiful views.Every part of the island breathes with history starting from XVI up to nowadays. Assumption monastery, st. Sergius church, Trinity church are the monuments of stone and wooden craftsmanship and spiritual religious atmosphere (transfers and lunch included)
Day 6

On the train

Morning departure for Yekaterinburg. Don't forget your luggage. In the evening on arrival your driver will take you to your hotel.


Day 7

Ural Rerion

Mountainous Wonders of Ural region are waiting for! Don't miss a chance to see the Urals and their sights. First you will go to Devil's Town (Chertovo Gorodische) where you can rest for a while or even climb the rock. Then our guide will take you to Peter Gronsky Rock which is abot 45 km far from Yekaterinburg. You will enjoy impressive natural monument which is one of the most popular in Yekaterinburg. Evening departure for Krasnoyarsk.
Day 8

On the train

On the train. The trains along Trans Siberian stop only for 5 to 20 minutes. If you decide to go outside, don't miss the hiss as the train might start leaving.

Day 9

Welcome to Krasnoyarsk

Morning arrival to Krasnoyarsk. Transfer, accommodation, rest. After lunch we are going to see one more siberian wonder – Stolby reserve which is famous all over the world. It is situated near Krasnoyarsk city and doesn't have any similar nature reserves on the planet. The remnants of grandiose rocks which appeared on the surface of the Earth more than 400 000 years ago are unique and nobody knows why people deserved this phenomenon. These rocks have natural watching places and ledges for sport exercises. Evergreen taiga scenery is mixed here with harmony and freedom.
Day 10

On the train

Morning is free. Early evening departure for Irkutsk.
Day 11

Welcome to Irkutsk

Afternoon arrival to Irkutsk. Accommodation to Listvyanka village which is 70 km far from Irkutsk, accommodation in a wooden chalet on the Baikal shore.


Day 12

Circumbaikal railway tour

Circum-Baikal Railway Tour with private guide. Within the section of 84 km from Kultuk to Port Baikal there are 424 engineering constructions and 39 tunnels, the total length of which is 8994 metres. There are about 200 bridges and 14 km of walls that supports the railway. All these constructions were build more than 100 years ago! 10.00 – arrival at the Sludyanka village. That’s where the programme starts. The train will make stops at historically important villages on the way, which gives you a chance to walk around and take beautiful pictures of the monuments of engineering, architecture and nature. The guide will take you through the longest tunnel on the railway; will show you the water pump towers that used to pump water for the steam train. 19.30 – arrival at Port Baikal. You’ll get on the ferry to cross Lake Baikal where the Angara River flows out (In winter the crossing is done by hovercraft on the ice of Lake Baikal).

Day 13

Amazing Baikal...

After breakfast the day is free to explore the Baikal shore and wander around the lake area. The sunny days of summer cover the mountains and Baikal itself with such a dazzling radiance that the light granite boulders, polished by the eternal waves, lie on the bank-pebbles like red-hot coals. The bold and piercing green of spring is replaced by the tranquil, noble patina of the taiga, which seems to be exhausted by the heat, the abundance of sunlight and the dense silence. The colours have become richer and more contrasting, the transparent air, like a giant lens, shortens distances and allows us to mark out isles of fir-trees, the delicate garments of larch groves and the sparkling foliage of birch woods, crossed by white vertical lines. And when a cloud unexpectedly covers the sun, the barks of the birches continue to shine, as if they are luminescent. When many clouds collect and they hang low over the water, the sky seems to absorb this green light and the clouds take on the guise of fluttering grasses. Just enjoy the freshness of the outside day!


Days 14-15

On the train

Don't oversleep, today is morning departure for Khabarovsk. Transfer to the Irkutsk station and boarding the Trans-Siberian Train.We suggest you enjoy your comfortable compartment and amuse yourself with one of the Russian novels from your free Trans-Siberian Kindle.

Day 16

Welcome to Khabarovsk

Evening arrival in Khabarovsk. Accommodation, free time.


Day 17

On the train

We have plenty of time as the train to Vladivostok is late in the evening. Why not go to Khekhtsir reserve. Located at the confluence of the rivers Amur and Ussuri, the Big Khekhtsir Nature Reserve is only in two dozen kilometers from the City of Khabarovsk. It is very difficult to preserve the primordial nature close to a big city, in the circle of roads, settlements, and fields. But the nature reserve made a miracle, having turned history backwards. Sable came back and became a common mammal there, Korean pine-sedar regains its place, and at the 1980's Siberian tiger had returned to its domain. Together with the tiger, other animals and plants listed in the federal and international Red Data Books are protected by the nature preserve. Giant relic beetle, Chinese softshelled tortoise, Mandarin duck, Asian black bear, - to name just a few of those rarities.

Day 18

Welcome to Vladivostok

Morning arrival in Vladivostok, end point in Transsib. What to see in Vladivostok: Triumphal Arch. Embankment at Sportivnaya Harbor. The view of Vladivostok. See the fascinating panorama of Golden Horn, Amursky, and Ussuriisky Bays and Russian Island. On to the Commercial Port, Fishing Port, docks, and sea terminals. If you have plenty of time at your disposal you may visit other viewpoints in Vladivostok offering views of other local sites. There are far more interesting places in Vladivostok (especially in historic downtown), each having its style and history – GUM department store building, Y. Brynner’s house, St. Paul’s Lutheran Church, Nevelskoy monument, Post Office building, Orthodox St. Nicholas Church, etc. - you may see them all during our 3-hour City Tour. Vladivostok Fortress Museum. Museum of Military history of Pacific Fleet.

Day 19


Challenge of wild nature! A guide trip by a private car 250 km north of Vladivostok to a small-enclosed tract of wilderness with a family of Siberian tigers (you will be able to take a picture of live Siberian tigers). Though commonly used name "Siberian Tiger" (panthera tigris altaica) is misleading , as this species lives only in the Russian Fer East and bears the correct name of Amur Tiger. Now you have unique opportunity to come and see this great feline in the wild. Only thirty animals remained in the world by the 1940's as a result of excessive hunting. Today, the Amur Tiger is slowly recovering thanks to a sensible policy of supporting projects.

Day 20

Back home

Check-out of the room, transfer to the airport. End of service.
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